Blah Blah and Such

OK, so here is where we planned to just blab on about whatever we want. . . well, ButchFemme stuff, of course.  But it seems that only the “HOME” page allows blog posts. . . so that is where they will be!!)  Maybe sometimes interesting stuff, maybe sometimes just the mundane. . .      Keep checking back or follow us to get updates – and for Goddess’s sakes SEND US SOME LISTINGS!!  What sites do you love?  Hey – you can send us links to YOUR OWN site if you want it listed. .. assuming its B/F related.

We’ve got stuff like a link to an urban dictionary page (its listed under Articles, Blogs & Forums) and one to a youtube Lesbian Wedding proposal we think is inspiring.

Check them out!  Let us know what you think!  Send us more links and we’ll post em!  (Anonymously or with your name if you wish.)

Love, Femme Sparkles & Butch Nods to you All,

The BFL Team


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