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PALM SPRINGS DYKE MARCH NOVEMBER 4th 2017 – Call for Volunteers!

Hello Beauties (Yes, you ARE),

The day approaches swiftly!

Palm Springs Dyke March,

THIS Saturday, November 4th –

Meet at Frances Stevens Park 555 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Rally at 4PM,

March at 5:30,

Volunteers Take The Stage 6PM. . . then enjoy the show into the evening!!

We are EXCITED to see you all (well, ok, those of you who are attending), and wanted to let folks know that we could use a few more volunteers.  Hey – you could be a ticket-taker and be the first to see every hot Dyke entering the arena!  Or be a march guardian, and keep us all safe and sound on our way! Or just join us to hang out and enjoy the womynspace  (or whatever the culturally appropriate word is these days)!

ButchFemmeListings will be there and we hope to see a whole bunch of you all!

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Maya at mayamassar@gmail.com

With Love,

The BFL Team


San Diego Pride

SD Pride, San Diego Pride Parade

Dear Femmes, Butches and those who love us,

Once again, this is not a specifically BF posting – we hope to get back to those very soon and thank you for your patience (and do remember to send us your BF-related listings so we can share, share share)!  For now, we want to lift up San Diego Pride.

This  year’s Pride Parade and Festival in San Diego, like so many others in the USA’s current time of political craziness, has a theme: Allied in Action: United for Justice.  We are 110% in favor of this theme, of standing up for and with our brothers, sisters, sis-bros and bro-sisses (and everyone off the charts or in between!) and of making our words, hearts and lives audible and visible.  From Compton to Stonewall (if you are young and have not heard the story, here is an article to get you started), to the many courageous LGBTQueer peeps through the decades that have lived, fought, suffered and sometimes died for our rights, we are marching in this year’s Pride Parades across the nation not simply in joy and fun, but as dedicated Warriors of Heart for our freedom and justice.

If you are around the San Diego area this weekend, do consider adding your presence to this important weekend.  Friday, July 14th at 6PM is the

sdpride banner   (Click here or the banner above for link to Rally page)

With all the movement the LGBTQxyz community has made, in the deep past as well as  the recent, we at BFL find the idea of moving backwards utterly nauseating.  Please stay strong, visible and as beautiful as you are!

With Love,

The BFL Team

The official webiste for SD Pride lists all the goings-on: https://sdpride.org/

Gay As Fuck. . .

Well, Folks, Pride Month is over, but PRIDE SEASON isn’t!

baby queen

We enjoyed San Francisco’s Dkye March 2017 (where we shot the photo of adorable, authentic Baby Queen, above), and are looking forward to San Diego Pride right around the corner.  Apologies yet again for being off the grid for a while.  We miss you too!

In honor of all that is good about the USA, we are wishing everyone a safe, joyful, 4th of July today, while being mindful of all that is painful and in need of acknowledgement and healing in this country and the world beyond.

Every Blessing to our B/F Community,

and remember to


gay as fuck

With Love,

The BFL Team

This Sunday, Standing Rock Solidarity Prayer Circle

Dearest Readers,

Though this is not specifically a Butch-Femme event (unless you count that a Butch-Femme couple is hosting it!), we thought those of you in the area might be interested in attending so we are sharing the info below.

We send love to you all,

The BFL Team


Link to Original invitation: http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=05c020c91c4ef9059c59e7aaf&id=6557e0a3af&e=d8fc8ee7e0



Doors Open 1:40PM
Event 2:00PM-4:00PM
THE BEATNIK LOUNGE (Radio Free Joshua Tree)
61595 Twentynine Palms Highway, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Dear Beloveds,

Zaba and I have been called to invite you all to join Chief Arvol Looking Horse 19th generation Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe Holder’s call for a day of
Interfaith Prayer in support of and solidarity with the
Water Protectors of Standing Rock, DA.

I am in touch with fellow Unitarian Universalist ministers and Lakota Sioux Očhéthi Šakówiŋ (Och-et-eeshak-oh-win, meaning seven-council-fires) friends ON THE GROUND at Standing Rock. I will share with you my most recent communications with them about what is actually going on, how we can assist, and why this issue is of importance to all who choose to see.

We will be praying in the presence of Zaba, the 96lb Crystal Skull, who many of you know can greatly enhance our individual and group awareness of our deepest heart and widest spiritual awareness.
In addition, she will be energetically linked – and thus more deeply link us –  to the prayer groups at Sacred Stone camp at Standing Rock.

Clergy and Lightworkers please shine bright and wear your colors, vestments, pride! Not for ego, but in support and solidarity. People – all of you/us – are invited to wear your party clothes, bring signs, banners, or just a piece of paper with your statements of solidarity.

Chief Looking Horse and the Water Protectors have asked that we share our prayers and our presence in photos, written words and videos of our support; many have been disheartened by acts of violence by police and would appreciate knowing we are supporting from afar.

YOU WILL BE WELCOME TO TAKE PHOTOS OR VIDEO AT THIS GATHERING, though we ask and thank you for doing so respectfully.  The more posting of images and words of solidarity, the better.

Sunday December 4th is the day of prayer. While we are praying, (as per recent news from Bismark, ND solidarity group leaders) 2000 US military veterans will be in training; on Monday the 5th, (the day the US Army Corps of Engineers is slated to take over Sioux land and barge ahead with the pipeline NPR news), those vets will enter Camp, approach elders, kneel and out loud make amends for every wrong the US government has made against the Native American people, and ask for forgiveness. They will then proceed to the bridge and put themselves on the front line between pipeline builders and Water Protectors.

Please join us in this important prayer vigil – every voice is welcome and important as we support the efforts of All Who Love and Honor the Earth, our dear Water, and the Earth Herself.

PLEASE BRING ANY OF THE FOLLOWING IF YOU HAVE IT TO SPARE (and if you do not, just bring your beautiful heart and self!):

  • HATS, SCARVES, MITTENS (gloves are ok too, but mittens work better in the sub-freezing temps)
  • DONATIONS IN ANY AMOUNT (all donations will go to the Standing Rock Sioux Očhéthi Šakówiŋ)
  • SHIPPING MATERIAL (boxes, packing tape)

You may also donate directly here:

Or here:

We will be opening an on-going drop-off location for winter supplies and donations – tbd and shared at the gathering.

We know that many of you have been in sadness, confusion, anger and depression lately; please take heart. The issue of #DAPL (Dakota Access Pipe Line), what it means for all of us here and now at this time in history, is potentially a gateway through which individually and collectively we may move forward with some semblance of focus and purpose.

If nothing else, please come to enjoy the pristine crystaline healing energy that Zaba offers body, heart, mind and spirit.

We love and look forward to being present with you all on Sunday!
Whether three or three hundred, we will gather in warmth and Love.

Strength, Honor and Brightest Blessings & Love,
Maya, Keo & Zaba

Special and dearest thanks to Teddy Quinn, Radio Free Joshua Tree & The Beatnick Lounge for hosting and Valerie Heart Meyer & Rainbow Stew for being friends and supporters of all things Zaba!

Chief Looking Horse’s request – http://www.ocetisakowincamp.org/interfaith 

Fort Laramie Treaty stating Native Rights to Land




Greetings All!

We met two amazing human beings at Dyke March this past weekend and wanted to share their talents with you! First up, Felice Newman and Constance Clare-Newman are teaching their



For Lesbians, bisexual & queer women:

Learn how to create an intimate, pleasure-filled sex life!

The workshop takes place at

THE CENTER, Palm Springs,


Contact: 510-703-7125 for more info.


We have listed Alexander Technique Teacher Constance Clare-Newman’s site under Health & Healing – as well as under Pets & Animals because Constance specializes in working with Dressage riders!  From Constance’s website:

“Embody a unified whole in thought, body, and emotion. The Alexander Technique is a mind-body practice of self care. It is more about un-doing what doesn’t work than about adding something to your already busy life. Learning the Technique builds your capacity for presence and boosts performance in any activity. Pain caused by postural habits, like slouching or trying to “stand up straight,” or by injury compensations, can be relieved by learning to de-compress and release unnecessary muscular tension. Tuning in to your body’s signals, you can learn to calm your own nervous system, re-balance from stressful situations and respond with more choice.

Constance Clare-Newman teaches the Alexander Technique in Palm Springs, CA., and in Provincetown, Cape Cod, MA in the summers, and travels for workshops.”

Visit www.constanceclare.com

Felice Newman, author of The Whole Lesbian Sex Book, co-runs with Constance, workshops for lesbians, bisexual & queer women: Learn how to create an intimate, pleasure-filled sex life!  Felice is a Somatic Coach & Sex educator for Our Community. Felice’s listings are under Sex & Sensuality.  Felice specializes in work with survivors of sexual trauma.  Felice says:

Trauma feels like it will last forever. It often seems like the best strategy is to avoid triggers. Makes sense. But when it comes to sex and intimacy, it’s hard to avoid triggers. So the best strategy is to heal the trauma.

You are stronger than your triggers.And your fears. And your body issues. And anything else that is stopping you from having the sex life you want.

I can help you get “unstuck.

Visit www.felicenewman.com

Felice is also an artist – you can see her artwork here: Felice’s Art

Felice and Constance offer their workshops, sessions &  counseling in Palms Springs, CA, Provincetown, MA and via Skype. (And if you are in Palm Springs area this weekend CHECK THEM OUT LIVE!!

With Love,

The BFL Team

Big Thank You!

This is our BIG THANK YOU to all our amazing Volunteers at Palm Springs Dyke March 2016 – we are so very grateful and thank you so very much for all your great energy, hard work and laughter.  We love you so much and look forward to an even greater time in 2017!

With Love,

The BFL Team