ButchFemme Listings is a blog site set up specifically to list websites that relate in a supportive way to The Butch Femme Dynamic and all the magic and wonder it offers those of us who identify as Butch or Femme. (Note: We are using the word Butch here – but want to make it 110% clear that we mean no offense to those who prefer other terms – Stud, Masculine-of-Center – EVERYONE is welcome.)

Sometimes we Femmes and Butches get hungry for MORE – more stories, more support, more dating, more clothing, more vacations, more parades, more hikes, more toys, more motorcycles, more bubble bath . . . well, more ANYTHING Butch Femme!  We hope this site will grow to be a place to find all that.  Please feel free to make suggestions – and please be patient as it may take us time to reply – we are just a couple of human beings – ok, yes, with some ButchFemme Superpowers, but still – we get a lot of mail.

We are based out of Los Angeles and San Diego, so you might find more SoCal sites listed at first, but we want to post links to great sites everywhere – so send us links from wherever Butch Femme lives, works or plays!

If you have a website you would like to see listed here, please visit our Contact page and let us know!  We will need:

1. The web address of the site

2. A brief (we will edit if you write an encyclopedia’s worth!) description of what the site offers

3.  Your name if you want us to post it as the person who sent us the intel

If you have suggestions of other sorts (like, hey, BFL, you have TYPOS on page x! . . or you find our organization of sites confusing . . or maybe you just wanna say THANKS, I love BFL!), please tell us what you have to say in as kind and graceful a way as you are able.  We can take criticism, but best when sent from a place of heart.  And of course we are glad to hear when we make you happy.

OK. So, that’s it for now.

Enjoy the listings. Enjoy each other.

Here’s to a thriving Butch Femme World!

We love you all,

BFL Team


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