This Sunday, Standing Rock Solidarity Prayer Circle

Dearest Readers,

Though this is not specifically a Butch-Femme event (unless you count that a Butch-Femme couple is hosting it!), we thought those of you in the area might be interested in attending so we are sharing the info below.

We send love to you all,

The BFL Team


Link to Original invitation:



Doors Open 1:40PM
Event 2:00PM-4:00PM
THE BEATNIK LOUNGE (Radio Free Joshua Tree)
61595 Twentynine Palms Highway, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Dear Beloveds,

Zaba and I have been called to invite you all to join Chief Arvol Looking Horse 19th generation Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe Holder’s call for a day of
Interfaith Prayer in support of and solidarity with the
Water Protectors of Standing Rock, DA.

I am in touch with fellow Unitarian Universalist ministers and Lakota Sioux Očhéthi Šakówiŋ (Och-et-eeshak-oh-win, meaning seven-council-fires) friends ON THE GROUND at Standing Rock. I will share with you my most recent communications with them about what is actually going on, how we can assist, and why this issue is of importance to all who choose to see.

We will be praying in the presence of Zaba, the 96lb Crystal Skull, who many of you know can greatly enhance our individual and group awareness of our deepest heart and widest spiritual awareness.
In addition, she will be energetically linked – and thus more deeply link us –  to the prayer groups at Sacred Stone camp at Standing Rock.

Clergy and Lightworkers please shine bright and wear your colors, vestments, pride! Not for ego, but in support and solidarity. People – all of you/us – are invited to wear your party clothes, bring signs, banners, or just a piece of paper with your statements of solidarity.

Chief Looking Horse and the Water Protectors have asked that we share our prayers and our presence in photos, written words and videos of our support; many have been disheartened by acts of violence by police and would appreciate knowing we are supporting from afar.

YOU WILL BE WELCOME TO TAKE PHOTOS OR VIDEO AT THIS GATHERING, though we ask and thank you for doing so respectfully.  The more posting of images and words of solidarity, the better.

Sunday December 4th is the day of prayer. While we are praying, (as per recent news from Bismark, ND solidarity group leaders) 2000 US military veterans will be in training; on Monday the 5th, (the day the US Army Corps of Engineers is slated to take over Sioux land and barge ahead with the pipeline NPR news), those vets will enter Camp, approach elders, kneel and out loud make amends for every wrong the US government has made against the Native American people, and ask for forgiveness. They will then proceed to the bridge and put themselves on the front line between pipeline builders and Water Protectors.

Please join us in this important prayer vigil – every voice is welcome and important as we support the efforts of All Who Love and Honor the Earth, our dear Water, and the Earth Herself.

PLEASE BRING ANY OF THE FOLLOWING IF YOU HAVE IT TO SPARE (and if you do not, just bring your beautiful heart and self!):

  • HATS, SCARVES, MITTENS (gloves are ok too, but mittens work better in the sub-freezing temps)
  • DONATIONS IN ANY AMOUNT (all donations will go to the Standing Rock Sioux Očhéthi Šakówiŋ)
  • SHIPPING MATERIAL (boxes, packing tape)

You may also donate directly here:–dakota-access-pipeline-donation-fund/

Or here:

We will be opening an on-going drop-off location for winter supplies and donations – tbd and shared at the gathering.

We know that many of you have been in sadness, confusion, anger and depression lately; please take heart. The issue of #DAPL (Dakota Access Pipe Line), what it means for all of us here and now at this time in history, is potentially a gateway through which individually and collectively we may move forward with some semblance of focus and purpose.

If nothing else, please come to enjoy the pristine crystaline healing energy that Zaba offers body, heart, mind and spirit.

We love and look forward to being present with you all on Sunday!
Whether three or three hundred, we will gather in warmth and Love.

Strength, Honor and Brightest Blessings & Love,
Maya, Keo & Zaba

Special and dearest thanks to Teddy Quinn, Radio Free Joshua Tree & The Beatnick Lounge for hosting and Valerie Heart Meyer & Rainbow Stew for being friends and supporters of all things Zaba!

Chief Looking Horse’s request – 

Fort Laramie Treaty stating Native Rights to Land