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We met two amazing human beings at Dyke March this past weekend and wanted to share their talents with you! First up, Felice Newman and Constance Clare-Newman are teaching their



For Lesbians, bisexual & queer women:

Learn how to create an intimate, pleasure-filled sex life!

The workshop takes place at

THE CENTER, Palm Springs,


Contact: 510-703-7125 for more info.


We have listed Alexander Technique Teacher Constance Clare-Newman’s site under Health & Healing – as well as under Pets & Animals because Constance specializes in working with Dressage riders!  From Constance’s website:

“Embody a unified whole in thought, body, and emotion. The Alexander Technique is a mind-body practice of self care. It is more about un-doing what doesn’t work than about adding something to your already busy life. Learning the Technique builds your capacity for presence and boosts performance in any activity. Pain caused by postural habits, like slouching or trying to “stand up straight,” or by injury compensations, can be relieved by learning to de-compress and release unnecessary muscular tension. Tuning in to your body’s signals, you can learn to calm your own nervous system, re-balance from stressful situations and respond with more choice.

Constance Clare-Newman teaches the Alexander Technique in Palm Springs, CA., and in Provincetown, Cape Cod, MA in the summers, and travels for workshops.”


Felice Newman, author of The Whole Lesbian Sex Book, co-runs with Constance, workshops for lesbians, bisexual & queer women: Learn how to create an intimate, pleasure-filled sex life!  Felice is a Somatic Coach & Sex educator for Our Community. Felice’s listings are under Sex & Sensuality.  Felice specializes in work with survivors of sexual trauma.  Felice says:

Trauma feels like it will last forever. It often seems like the best strategy is to avoid triggers. Makes sense. But when it comes to sex and intimacy, it’s hard to avoid triggers. So the best strategy is to heal the trauma.

You are stronger than your triggers.And your fears. And your body issues. And anything else that is stopping you from having the sex life you want.

I can help you get “unstuck.


Felice is also an artist – you can see her artwork here: Felice’s Art

Felice and Constance offer their workshops, sessions &  counseling in Palms Springs, CA, Provincetown, MA and via Skype. (And if you are in Palm Springs area this weekend CHECK THEM OUT LIVE!!

With Love,

The BFL Team

Big Thank You!

This is our BIG THANK YOU to all our amazing Volunteers at Palm Springs Dyke March 2016 – we are so very grateful and thank you so very much for all your great energy, hard work and laughter.  We love you so much and look forward to an even greater time in 2017!

With Love,

The BFL Team





Please join us this SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH AT 4:00PM (PST)

We will meet at FRANCES STEVENS PARK 555 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

For our RALLY, then march to the main stage for some great entertainment and fun!!

Last year was great and this year looks like it’s gonna be even better.  We are coming out for DYKE VISIBILITY in Palm Springs and other desert cities.  And hey, it’s supposed to be in the high 80’s this weekend – you KNOW you WANNA BE HERE!!

Butch Femme Listings Team sends out a huge THANK YOU to Louise Minnick, Alexis Ortega and everyone on the Dyke March steering committee – we so appreciate your hard work!

Blessings and Love to All,

The BFL Team

ps: A Big thank you to all who attended Crystal Zaba’s first-ever-ON-LINE Samhain/Hallows Eve Ritual Gathering!