Butch Femme Lit. . .

Dear Readers,

HOORAY for Summertime, beaches, BBQ’s, laying around with the dogs ‘n’ cats. . . One of our favorite summer things to do is read to each other.  We have been doing this for about five years – and just like many of you, we are ever on the lookout for books in which we – Butch~Femme community – are represented authentically.  Whether fact or fiction, there is no denying that little jump-for-joy we feel when we recognize ourselves in the pages or on screen – and, sadly, it is a rare occurrence.

We want to share the following title with you all; we found the book in a second hand store in Long Beach – maybe you know it. . . in case not, the book is:


By Barbara Johnson

Click here to find it on Amazon.com.

And you can read a reader-review about it HERE.


Though to be perfectly honest, we have not yet finished the book so we offer this info with a ‘read at your own risk’ preamble, and in fact, we agree with the writer of the review above that it is not the most well written book on the shelf. . . but we are giving it a wide berth simply because we can identify with the characters.  Not for lit class, but as a short summer butch-femme escape, we thought some of you out there in reader-land might want to check it out too.

If you have some good titles you want to share, please do, and we will post them or link to your site.

Sending Cool Summer Breezes to You All,

With Love,

The BFL Team



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