Blessings on Your Journey, Jeanne

Remembering Jeanne Cordova – Lesbian Outlaw

As most of you know, an icon of the Butch Femme Legacy, Jeanne Cordova, passed away on January 10th.  We wish her spirit every blessing and honor an amazing spirit that dedicated her life to the betterment of lesbian life.  We share a link to an article on Jeanne’s life and death posted in Epochalips magazine (which, BTW, you might want to subscribe to):

Epochalips | Smart Lesbian Commentary

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Let’s live life to the fullest and deepest in honor of the preciousness that is Every Moment.

Best to All,

The BFL Team


Free Tix to The Dinah?

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FREE?? Whoa. . . Really?  Well, we happen to know the fabulous Butch On Tap wizard, Tristan Higgans, aka/Butch Jaxon, and we have to say, her offer is gonna be as good as her word. . . so, Ladies n ButchGents, if you have always wanted to check out The Dinah, or have loved it for years and want to go back on a free ticket, GO FOR IT!  Check out the post and submit your pix!  CLICK HERE!

Also, it’s 2016; SEND US YOUR NEWEST BUTCH/FEMME OR BUTCH OR FEMME (or plain old great LESBIAN) FAVORITE WEBSITES.  We can’t wait to connect with you each and all and share your fabulous discoveries for the Butch Femme Community!

With Tons of Love, Always,

The Butch Femme Listings Team