Greetings BFL Friends!

The Femme partner of the BFL Team just read and replied to a post by MainelyButch.wordpress.com (Check her out!) who blogged about the haters in our community who just don’t get BUTCH. . . below is our reply, and its a CHALLENGE to you all who love our Butches!!  Read on, and respond if you have some good stuff to add!

Here is our reply:


Hey MainelyButch,

Thanks so much for sharing your Butch Phobia woes – I know well that there are seriously phobic lesbians out there (not to mention non-lesbians of all sorts) who do not ‘get’ Butch, (or worse) who are afraid (as Jamie Ray said) of gender non-conforming people, (or worst of all) who are actively venomous in word or deed toward gender non-conforming folks. . . there always have been and it is likely that there will be for a long time to come.

But let me just say this: There ARE people who DO get you, (or better) who really adore you and choose you Butches and Transguys over ‘regular’ (let’s just call these folks “GV’s” = Garden Variety) lesbians, (or best of all) who are more than willing and able to STAND UP AND FIGHT for our Butches and masculine-of-center loved ones!  We are out here, and we chose you and to the best of our ability we understand your sweet and sensitive hearts inside your tough and tumble exteriors AND WE WOULDN’T HAVE YOU ANY OTHER WAY!

We know it sometimes SUCKS to be you in a world that has decided that girls and women look and behave in ways that you do not;  but to us you are magical – you are our Princes, our Knights in Shining Armor, our Handsome Grrlfriends, our cherished partners and sexiest, best ever kind of grrls there ever could be!

Don’t loose heart – you will find us, we will find you; you can’t change people who don’t want to change; let the GV’s be ‘normal’ – we want SPECIAL, different, authentically Butch women to stand up and SHINE like the stars you are.  I say IGNORE the haters.  Breathe Light into your golden heart of hearts and Trust our community – even if it seems to be a small one. . . we are out there, out here, and I say let’s support each other.

If nothing else, may this little blurb be a part of taking the curse off all the negative stuff you hear and get from our world; may these words in some way mitigate the shadows and be a speck of love in what I imagine must sometimes feel like a very hateful world.

Making it Loveful.  I put the challenge out to my sister Femmes and Stemmes and ANYONE WHO LOVES OUR BUTCH AND MASCULINE lesbian sisters and brothers:  LETS MAKE THE WORLD LOVE-FULL FOR THEM – add your words of appreciation to this thread!!