The ButchFemme Listings Team CONGRATULATES everyone who has played a part in bringing this historic day to fruition!  From the Drag Queens & Butches of Stonewall (and the many other unsung places where courageous LGBTQ peeps put their hearts and lives on the line for equal rights), to the strong leaders in high places who risked public scorn in the name of truth, love and equality . . . and everyone of us in between (not to mention our non-LGBTQ allies);  WE DID IT.  Now, let us proceed with kindness to all – even those who were against us.  We are moved by the words of our friend Mariko Ballentine:

My wish is that as a community we can teach people that good will come of this and that they really have nothing to fear but fear itself (Thank you FDR). Let’s treat them the way we would want to be treated, even if they never did that for us. Let’s make this transition easier not harder. Not because we should, but because we can.”

(Check her out on Facebook to read the whole blurb!)


Keepin’ On.

With Love Always,

The BFL Team


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