Butch Basics and Other Fab New Listings!!

Hey There All You B/F Folk & Allies!

We have a few new listings for you this spring and we are excited to share.

First up is a new favorite:  a company called Butch Basics; offering everything from dog bow ties, to mini tool kits, butch bags and accessories (yes, there IS such a thing as a Butch Accessory!). . . but our favorite page on the site??  Its called “Alternity” and features clothing and accessories for the pregnant Butch!!

Beer bellies??  WRONG!! We salute these most excellent and handsome parents-to-be!

From the Butch Basics site:

* Butch Basix, in collaboration with ButchBaby & Co, conceived the term of “Alternity” as a new, more inclusive term. Our new word, Alternity, represents a category in its own right and reflects the courage, individuality, creativity and dignity of masculine pregnancy. Together, we embrace and promote “alternity” in an effort to further a movement towards greater freedom of expression.

ButchBaby & Co, is dedicated to making the first ever alternity wear for pregnant masculine, transgender, and queer individuals and we hope to carry their upcoming 8 piece line when it becomes available. “

Kudos to the creators of these cool sites! We hope you will check them out.

Next Up:

THUY, a custom clothier we think our dapper Butches (and maybe a few Stemmes or even masculine dressing Femmes) will enjoy.

Here is an other link for you clothing/fashion aficiondos: WhatIsButch.com – In their words “Our mission is to spotlight those who are systematically overlooked by society at large. The What is Butch? Movement is focused on educating , liberating and redirecting misconceptions about this marginalized, yet vibrant community. Each fashion show we produce highlights these remarkable individuals by utilizing the universally understood language, fashion.”

And lastly, here is one we are really excited about!  Please check out The Perfect SIDEKICK, Queer Gym – and spread the word so they can expand to YOUR city too! Watch a welcome from Natalie: Our mission is to make Happy Healthy Homos. . .

Some not-specifically B/F sites we wanted to share as well are these:

If you are a filmaker looking to get a project off the ground, you might want to check out LGBT FILM FUNDING: http://www.mtffilmfunding.org/

Readers and writers of Lezbo stuff might want to take a look at the Lesbian magazine, Epochalips: info@epochalips.com

And of course, there is the old stand-by silly site: Men who look like old lesbians: http://menwholooklikeoldlesbians.blogspot.com/


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