Chivalry is Not Dead

Well, Dear Butches, Femmes and of course Everyone Else who follows us,
We are re-blogging this great one from Mainely Butch; we are for OS all the way and we won’t believe Chivalry is dying – we prefer to think of it as having a renaissance now, thanks, in part, to this Mainely Butch and the rest of you who are sharing your wisdom and tricks of the tade! Read, learn, enjoy and pass it on!

BTW, we LOVE the idea of some sort of Butch Mentoring Program; More on this soon!

With Blessings to All,
The BFL Team

MainelyButch: Private Label

I got to thinking about how the OFOS (old fashioned/old school) Butches/Studs, and the “older” Butches are known more for their chivalry and Butch manners it seems.  These days we hear the horror stories of the younger crowd not having that same old fashioned/old school kind of chivalry and romantic manners.  I wish we had a mentoring program for young Butches, perhaps then these younger Femmes wouldn’t be so attracted to the older Butch personas and be more attracted to those of their own age.

I hear from many Femmes “”…I think what they are trying to say is that they like the old school rules and ways.  Some of which I am about to talk about here.  Be advised, these are just rules/suggestions/ideas that I have found useful in my life when interacting with women.  I am also presenting this from the dynamic of Butch-Femme relationships, this may not apply…

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