Thank you message to Butch On Tap!

Dear Readers,

We just read a fabulous post on RACISM by Tristan Higgins (ButchOnTap) and posted a reply. In case you are not aware of her blog, please check it out!

Tristan Higgans AKA Butch Jaxon

Our reply is here, (in case you need any urging to visit Tristan’s blog):


What a GREAT post. This is the stuff I used to love so much from you – fresh, raw, from the heart, thoughtful and ain’t nothin’ commercial about it.

THANK YOU for being a voice of sanity and compassion in a sea of craziness around the issue of racism and the murder of Mike Brown. In bringing it down to your personal stance, thoughts, feelings and ideas for action, you make a scary-big issue tangible and you give us license to take some personal power and actual steps towards being a part of the change we want to see in this world. (. . .Or at least this country.)

Thank you for writing courageously, for thinking courageously in the first place and for being willing to (and inspiring to others to) act courageously; we are living in times that call for courageous action. I am impressed and heartened.

And most likely, no matter how much others might think a person ‘fits in’, pretty much EVERYONE – on some level in some way – feels Otherthan. . . so let’s join in Otherness. . .May each of us who reads your words, Tristan, take from this post an inspiration to step forward and stand up for something we feel deeply about. Let’s do it! Let’s make the changes we know are right – Gay, Straight, Big, Small, Black, White or polka dotted – we are all in this together.

Thank you, Tristan, for being one of the CATALYSTS for us all.

Thanks and Love to All,

The F from The BFL Team

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