Cross Posting. . .

Meet Zaba, the 96lb Crystal Skull, who’s energy field catalyzes Awakening, Growth, and FULL EMBODIMENT; that state of Grace in which we allow our FULL DIVINE SELVES to enter into and live through our physical bodies, hearts and minds, HERE AND NOW. Live as your Highest and Deepest Self – when we are all doing so, Earth will BE Heaven. . . join us for some powerful Crystal Healing in the Mojave Desert!

OK, Y’all,  we know that this is no more Butch/Femme than anything else – EXCEPT that the event is run by a Butch/Femme couple (Yup, that’s us!)!!  So we are making a note of it here:

If you are metaphysically inclined, check out this Worldwide Crystal Skull Meditation

taking place in Joshua Tree, CA

on November 22nd:



If you are a Butch or a Femme with an event you wanna share, let us know!!

With Love,

The BFL Team


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