Pride, Fashion & Not Like Other Girls

Pride Toes

Pride Toes

HAPPY PRIDE MONTH to all our BFL Readers!

We just added two links: One is to the website of photographer SD Holman and her fab photos of Butch – check on the “Listings” page, under “ART”

The other is to Leon Wu’s site – Sharp dressing, tailor made suits – We met Leon at Dyke Day in LA – very cool human offering a service we have not seen elsewhere!  Check for the listing under “Clothing”!

We hope everyone is having a splendid Pride Month, and if your city’s pride isn’t happening til later, well, we STILL hope you are feeling prideful and happy!

And. . . SCORE POINT for the FEMMES: This car is awesome!!

Rebel Femme!

Rebel Femme!

Love As Always,

BFL Team

(ps: If you own or know who owns this car and want us to credit you, pop us an email!  Blessings to Rebel Femmes everywhere!)