New Listings!

G’Day BF Community & Appreciators,

We are happy to share five new listings in the following categories (to click on links, go to the “Listings” page and check the heading you seek!):

Advocacy & Activism – the lesbian mafia – fun, crazy rants pro-lesbian women

Articles, Blogs & Forums – Butch sightings – photos and commentary on randomly sighted butches by a butch-appreciating-femme with a camera ,   and afemmeinnyc – an other wild femme blogger

News – TheDailyButchFemmer – check it out.

Sex & Sensuality – Sinclair Sexsmith’s official site and Sugarbutch Chronicles

We hope you find one or more of them fun, informative, moving, useful or otherwise of some value.  If so, feel free to let us know, and if not, hey – send us some you like better!

Blessings and Magic of whatever sort you seek,

With Love,

BFL Team



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